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ZippyPaws Z-Stitch Mummy


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The Halloween Mummy Z-Stitch Toy contains two large Blaster Squeakers and doesn’t contain stuffing. It’s made with Z-Stitch Technology that includes multiple layers of durable, cross-stitched fabric and strong webbing along the borders for reinforcement and durability.


  • Durable dog toy that can withstand rough play for prolonged entertainment
  • Designed with ZippyPaws’ exclusive Z-Stitch Technology: a layer of durable fabrics and strong stitching and webbing to ensure long-lasting use
  • Includes 2 Blaster Squeakers for loud squeaky noises
  • No stuffing dog toy
  • Halloween edition of the ZippyPaws Z-Stitch

Colour: White

Design: Mummy (Halloween Edition)

Dimensions: 29cm x 23cm x 5cm