Siccaro WetDog Spirit

Siccaro Spirit WetDog drying coat is a highly effective way to dry your dog after water training, swimming, bath time or rainy walks so that your dog can remain active whilst getting dry. It features our unique super absorbent Siccaro Wet2Dry fabric technology combined with a durable outer cotton drill to minimize dog odour and keeps dirt, water and mess from your home and car interior. No more dirty, stinky, wet towels.

  • Your dog is up to 90% dry in 15 minutes, depending on the coat
  • Wet2Dry fabric technology holds over 7 times its weight in water
  • Doubles as a warm outdoor dog coat in cold weather|Reduces odour
  • Outer cotton drill fabric for dirt resistance, warmth & durability
  • Siccaro ClickLock – for easy fastening and adjustable fit
  • If soaked in cold water, the robe can also cool overheated dogs on hot days
  • Quick & easy to put on for owners with restricted movement
  • Machine wash at 30 degrees C and tumble dry on low
  • Comes in 5 sizes from S - XXL (e.g. from Jack Russel to Golden Retriever)

Activity  Hike, Outdoor, Hiking, Urban
Material  Cotton blend twill, Absorbent non-woven viscose
Collar  Medium collar with zip
Pattern  Camo
Climate  All-Weather

Instructions: Open the neck zipper. Place the dog’s head through the neck hole. Push the T panel under the belly of the dog and pull the ends with buckles around each side and click together where they meet at top. Adjust straps to fit and close neck zipper to desired position. Button the elastic strap around each back leg, one leg at a time.

To cool your dog: Soak the Spirit coat in cool water. Wring out excess water and put it on your dog for up to 30 minutes.

Care: After drying your dog with Spirit, hang it to dry in a well ventilated or an outdoors area until dry.

If soiled, wash at up to 30 degrees Celsius (use non-enzyme washing powder) then hang to dry or tumble-dry on low.

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