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3 Way Stripping Knives


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3 Way Stripping Knives  XFine / Fine / Med

3 Way knives are the first of their kind that do it all!

Fine to medium and an ear knife all on one blade. With its short teeth, it can be used for flat work and working around head ears and smoothing out transition areas. Good too for smoothing cowlicks.

No need to down tools anymore when you have them all at hand! 

With 3 different edges XF, F and M and fine diamond grip surface making stripping less stressful on your hands. 

It has nice deep grooves on the back for making carding smooth and easy.

PLEASE NOTE:  All of our GREYHOUND knives and tools were designed and are owned solely by Ashley Craig Pet Products and have a ‘Registered Trademark in the name of Ashley Craig Pet Products, Inc’.  Any copies of these tools are in breach of the Registered Trademark.

PLEASE NOTE: Left handed tools are ordered upon request. If you select the left handed option, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.