Aussie Dog Mitch Ball Hard Red | Durable Dog Ball

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The ultimate ball for dogs that love to play soccer, but ruin the fun when they puncture the ball, because punctures will no longer mean the end of the game with the Mitch Ball!


  • The Hard Red Mitch Ball makes a great soccer ball for dogs.
  • The size means that your dog will be happy chasing it around the yard and the nodules allow large dogs to pick it up in their mouths.
  • Super tough and long lasting.
  • Pop proof - even when punctured it springs back into shape.
  • 100% safe and non toxic. 

Size: 18cm diameter

Whilst they are tough, the Interactive range is not indestructible! Always supervise your pet while they play, and inspect the toy regularly for damage. If any parts of the toy is broken or separated remove the toy.