Bio-Gone Compostable Dog Waste Bags


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Bio-Gone Compostable Dog Waste Bags

Home Compostable bags are made from plant material rather than fossil fuels. Bio-Gone home compostable bags are made to Australian/NZ standard AS5180 for Home Compost. These bags will biodegrade in a landfill or in your home compost bins.


  • Made from plant material not fossil fuels
  • Made to Australian/NZ standard AS5810 for Home Compost
  • Will biodegrade in a landfill or in your home compost bins
  • Biodegradability has been confirmed by an independent laboratory
  • Pack of 4 or 8 rolls of 20 bags each in a convenient pack
  • Please note that Home Compostable products are not recyclable and cannot be reused

Pack of 4 Rolls, 20 bags per roll
80 bags total

Bag dimensions: 195mm x 305mm

The tech stuff: Commercial Compostable (to AS4736) plastic needs to meet certain conditions for it to biodegrade in a commercial compost facility or the microbes cannot survive and the plastic item won’t be broken down. Another limitation is that these types of plastics are not intended for recycling. Bio-Gone does not use commercial compostable plastics. Bio-Gone supplies quality products that fully decompose in landfills or home composts. Some customers have tested Bio-Gone products in their commercial compost and have had great results.