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ESSENTIALS Fragrance Free Revive

'REVIVE' Fragrance Free (Formerly Panagenics Hydrating Spray by Ashley Craig)

REVIVE lives up to its claims as a spray-in leave-in conditioner!  Since bathing can remove the hairs protective sebum along with any oils, dust, pollens, and debris that latch onto it, REVIVE is the superior “sebum replacement”.  It protects by further closing any lifted cuticles remaining, keeping them closed sealing in moisture, repelling debris and oil.  As a result it notably enhances shine while further extending the coats manageability.  It Works for any coat type.

Depending on the climate it is best used as needed, daily or weekly, summer or winter... with no worries of unwanted build-up or residue. REVIVE can also be used for straightening (“flat ironing”), conditioning, as grooming spray when cutting, or for blow drying.  It is marvelous for blowing out shedding undercoat and speeding through drying time!

Use by itself, or as the final step of a system beginning with TEXTURE conditioner, followed by BATHE shampoo.  Safe to use daily, and for dogs with sensitivity issues including skin irritation or hot spots.  


  • Suitable for Harsh, Wire & Oily Coats
  • Will help heal skin from allergic reactions and help stop irritation
  • Can be used on all Breeds
  • Can be used on Dogs, Puppies, Cats & Horses.
  • No Build-Up
  • Repairs and Revitalizes Damaged Coat
  • Use As a Grooming and Scissoring Spray
  • Notably Hydrates, Enhances Color, and Shine
  • Bolsters Coat Strength and Elasticity
    Minimizing Breakage From Combing and Brushing
  • Keeps Cuticles Closed Between Baths
    Extending Manageability While Repelling Dust & Debris
  • Helps Wrestle Matts and Tangles When Brushing and Drying


  • Advanced Cationic Conditioning Agents
    and Hydrolyzed Silk Proteins
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Epsom Salts & Minerals
  • Vitamins B5 & E
  • Colloidal Silver Benefits