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ESSENTIALS Fragrance Free Texture

'TEXTURE' Fragrance Free (Formerly Panagenics Conditioner by Ashley Craig)

With its breakthrough Co-Washing technology, TEXTURE is a new conditioning concept that can be diluted to preference from 1:1 up to 50:1, and beyond.  This offers the groomer greater flexibility and creativity by dialing-into one’s unique coat finish criteria on any coat type.  Use mindfully by itself or as part of a system preceding BATHE shampoo and REVIVE leave-in spray.

Dial-in that specific texture or softness desired without build up, residue, or weighing down the coat.  Maintain texture for wire, harsh, curly or cottony coats. 

Safe to use daily, and for dogs with sensitivity issues including skin irritation or hot spots.  


  • Suitable for Harsh, Wire & Oily Coats
  • Will help heal skin from allergic reactions and help stop irritation
  • Can be used on Dogs, Cats & Horses.
  • No Build Up
  • Co-Washes and Pretreats Hair
  • Bolsters Hair Tensile Strength and Elasticity
    Minimizing Coat Damage and Brush Breakage
  • Repairs and Revitalizes Damaged Areas
  • Exfoliates,  Soothes and Deters Irritations
  • Closes Hair Cuticles for Extended Manageability
  • Wrestles Matts and Tangles Like No Other
  • Suitable for Wire and Oily Coats Too
  • Cost Effective (Dilutes up to 50:1)


  • Breakthrough Cationic Conditioning Agents
  • Hydrolyzed Silk Protein
  • Vitamins B5 Vitamin E
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Epsom Salts and Minerals