WOW Factor Colesterol

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WOW Factor  Colesterol

*SHOW TESTED* The Standout Multi-faceted Colesterol that Really Works!

Our innovative formula upgrade is a light non-oily, non-sticky colorless gel. It will not weigh down, discolor, or attract dirt.
It’s a must for longer coated breeds and styles.


  • Leave-in coat protection & moisturizing
  • Coat builder for plenty of volume
  • Superior pre-chalking foundation
  • Soothing for dry pads and noses
  • Urine barrier

So simple to apply and use!


Apply directly to freshly clean dry coats.
Use as a pretreatment base before your chalking regimen.

Available in 500ml  Squeeze Bottle - 250ml Tube - Or part of the WOW Travel Sac.