SHOW SALON SPA Colloidal Silver

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SHOW SALON SPA Colloidal Silver 225ml Pump Spray

Colloidal Silvers healing properties have been known for centuries. Bacteria cannot grow where silver is present. 

The colloidal silver that we produce is between 40-45  ppm which is the strongest ready to use product on the market. 

*  Destroys Bacteria
*  A Natural Antibiotic
*  Can be used as a Disinfectant

*  Hot Spots
*  Cuts & Wounds
*  Insect Bites
*  Throat Infections
*  Burns
*  Bad Breath
*  Eye & Ear Infections
*  Yeast Infections

We have been supplying this product for several years and it has just been introduced into the Show Salon Spa Series.

The ppm can dissipate over time depending on where you store and the age of  the product. 

Colloidal Silver will keep its strength longer if it is stored in a dark and cool area. 

Our solution is made fresh each month and is tested before bottling to be at least  40ppm.