SHOW SALON SPA Texture Magic

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SHOW SALON SPA Texture Magic

TEXTURE MAGIC is brought to you from a very old tack box in England. We are now willing to share this well kept British Secret to produce the perfect coats.

You will NEVER have holes in the topline, sparse tails or legs without substance again!!


  • Volume
  • Texture
  • Thicker Coats
  • Lift
  • Perfect Toplines
  • Full Tails
  • Thicker Ears and Feathers
  • Fuller Chests
  • Creates Illusions of substance in both Leg Bone and Coat Quality
  • NO MORE Dips and Holes
  • Can be used in any colour coat including black
  • Can be used with WOW FACTOR Colesterol as a chalking medium.

Brush in thoroughly in the opposite direction of growth with a boar bristle or boar bristle & nylon brush. Comb the coat gently back to desired effect. These brushes are available in the Greyhound Brush category. This cannot be applied with a pin brush or slicker brush.