Siccaro DryGlove


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The Siccaro DryGloves are some of the most unique drying gloves in the world. Unlike regular pet drying gloves, they are made with two layers of fabric including our superabsorbent layer of Wet2Dry fabric that can soak up to 7x it’s weight in water along with an viscose layer of terry cloth made from organic bamboo fibres.

Wet2Dry fabric reduces dog odour and bacteria because it has naturally antibacterial properties. It’s the perfect solution for quickly and safely drying your dog, horse or other pet along with any other spills in your home or car.

Unlike other pet drying gloves or mitts, the Siccaro DryGloves are the most effective at absorbing water and best for the health of your pet. This is because they feature a unique and highly absorbent textile called Wet2Dry on the inner which can absorb over 7 times its weight in water. It also features antibacterial properties which aid in keeping your animal’s fur hygenic and ensure odours don't linger on the gloves.

Some of our happy customers who enjoy using the DryGloves are owners of dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and even guinea pigs and hamsters. The gloves are extremely soft and due to the softly textured terry fabric which is a viscose made from organic bamboo. They are able to lightly brush down the fur of your pet to remove small dirt particles and loose fur which is great to use after a bath or just as a soft and comforting grooming tool.

Many horse owners love to rub down their horse’s coat to give it a light polish with the gloves and they find they are perfect drying mitts for after a wash. The DryGloves can be used after your dog or cat has been bathed to quickly soak up moisture on your pet and also any water that has spilt in the bathroom. Many dog owners buy the gloves to dry the face, ears, paws and tail of their dog whilst they wear either the Siccaro Supreme Pro or Spirit WetDog drying coat to get excess moisture off these sensitive areas. New dog owners use the gloves when their dogs are still puppies so that they can quickly and easily dry off their busy puppies. Because we advise that the Supreme Pro WetDog and Spirit WetDog dog drying coats should fit your full grown dog, many dog owners purchase the DryGloves before their dog is full grown. The DryGloves act as an intermediate tool to help dry their dog when they are puppies but it’s a perfect thing to keep in the car, clean up spills after bath time and clean around the house once your dog has progressed to the Supreme Pro WetDog and Spirit WetDog dog drying coat.

Lastly the Siccaro DryGloves are an amazing cleaning tool. We all know that after a bath or a long walk in wet conditions, a dog can be quick to spread water and paw prints in the home. You can also use the DryGloves to soak up any other spills around your home because it’s an amazing, chemical-free cleaning tool. We suggest that using the DryGloves is a great antibacterial way to mop up spills, especially after a bath. Once the DryGloves have been used for some time and need laundering, they can be easily machine washed at 30C degrees and tumble dried at low heat.

Our textiles are quilted together and produced in Europe to meet our high quality standards and ensure durability for our customers. It’s always assuring to know that your pet is getting the best care possible, which is what we aim to deliver with all our products at Siccaro.

The organic bamboo DryGloves come in various colours and one size fits all.