WOW EXTREME DeMatt & DeTangle

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WOW EXTREME  DeMatt & DeTangle (Concentrate)


Ashley Craig’s multi-faceted EXTREME DeMatt & DeTangle Concentrate bolsters elasticity and tensile strength to each hair strand. It repels dirt, dust, urine and other damaging pollutants that lead to coat issues. Our water soluble formula can be added as final rinse for stunning results!

Dilute to preference from 15:1 up to 40:1
Approximately 10-25ml +/- per 500ml spray bottle

  • Unscented concentrate can be used in spray form, as an additive to shampoo, and applied with any recirculating bathing system.
  • Superior sheen and coat strengthening
  • Dematts & Detangles like no other
  • Eliminate Static and Speed drying time
  • Heat Shield™ protection from Sun, flat ironing, and chemical colour styling (not a UV spray)
  • Finally get unwanted shedding under control.

Directions for Use

FINISHING SPRAY: Mist lightly over the coat while brushing to tame fly-a-ways and add a shine

DEMATTING: Spray liberally on matts. Work in product with your fingers, then pull matts apart with your fingers.  Carefully brush/comb through until matt is removed.  Since wet spongy hair is more likely to sever and break, product works best when coat is dry. 

CONDITIONING: Using short, quick strokes spray evenly on wet or dry coat. Do not overly saturate. Comb or brush through the coat, make sure ends are treated. Continue normal styling regiment.

SHAMPOO ADDITIVE:  In a separate mixing container dilute Ashley Craig’s EXTREME DeMatt & DeTangle to preference up to 20 parts water to 1 part concentrate. Next add to the pre-diluted shampoo mix of your choosing. We encourage you to dial-in to your specific finish preference by experimenting at your leisure.


CAUTION:  Overspray may cause slip and fall hazard. Apply to face with a damp cloth to avoid eye contact.

Ingredients:  Water, Proprietary Blend of Amino Modified Silicone-polyether Copolymers, Citric Acid