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WOW Factor Ultimate Coat Enhancer

Ashley Craig Pet Products

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WOW Factor Ultimate Coat Enhancer
*SALON-SHOW TESTED*  Ground breaking Optical Brightening Technology

Handlers – add additional WOW before entering the Show Ring. 
Pro Groomers - give that additional WOW before client dogs go home.


  • Safely Brightens and Shines the dullest of coats
  • Enhance any coat colour
  • Hides light stains and undesirable biscuit colours by refracting the light
  • No build-up or leave behind residue
  • Indiscernible look and feel
  • Unsurpassed PZAZZ, it’s just WOW!


1. Apply directly to freshly clean dry or damp coats.
2. Use a towel or sponge to evenly apply around face, ears, and muzzle.
3. Misting with your dryer will assist a more even deposition across the coat.

Pro Groomers NOTE - add a table spoon of WOW Ultimate Coat Enhancer to your Recirculating Bathing System as a final rinse for superior deposition.