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Siccaro WetDog Splash

Splash dog drying robe is a light weight and fast new way of drying your family dog after swimming, bath time or rainy walks so that your dog will dry quickly and easily while running, playing or at rest. The Siccaro Wet2Dry fabric technology is a unique absorbent fabric helps to reduce wet dog smell along with reducing dirt distributed in the home and car. No more dirty, stinky, wet towels.

  • Highly absorbent drying coat: Wet2Dry fabric technology holds 7 times its weight in water
  • Designed in Denmark and made in EU
  • Your dog is up to 80% dry in around 20 minutes depending on the coat
  • Odour-reducing properties
  • Tailored fit allows your dog freedom of movement while drying
  • Quick, efficient & easy for the whole family to use on the dog
  • SICCARO’s ClickLock – for easy fastening and adjustable fit
  • Can cool overheated dogs on hot days
  • Machine wash at 30C and tumble dry on low
  • Does not hold bad smells like towels do
  • Comes in 5 sizes from XS - XL (e.g. from Chihuahua to Standard Poodle)

Material  Absorbent non-woven viscose, Viscose blend twill.
Collar  Short
Pattern  Checked


Instructions: Place the wet dog’s head through the elasticized neck hole. Push the T panel under the belly of the dog and pull the ends with buckles around each side, find the clip(s) and click together. Lift the back legs one at a time, and put back legs within the elastic leg holders.

To cool your dog: Soak the Splash robe in cool water. Wring out excess water and put it on your dog for up to 30 minutes.

Care: After drying your dog, simply hang the Splash robe in a well-ventilated or outdoor area until it’s dry. If soiled, wash at up to 30 degrees Celsius (use non-enzyme washing powder), then hang to dry or tumble-dry on low.

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